Friday, July 29, 2011

Scallops for Saturday lunch in Far North Queensland

We're up in Mission Beach (1 1/2 hours south of Cairns), so any seafood is necessarily frozen (unless you actually go fishing).  We bought a dozen scallops in Innisfail, together with a kilo of frozen green large Endeavour prawns for a later dish.   We had the scallops as a starter before we have a very late lunch of Roasted Pork Belly! 

Firstly I lay the scallops out to thaw, which they did in about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile I made the dressing.  A dash of White Vinegar (I used Champagne Vinegar), a dash of Sake or Mirin (I used Sake - see below), a few drops of Sesame Oil, a dash of Light Soy Sauce, a large splash of Fish Sauce, a tablespoon of Palm Sugar (which I grated), finely grated carrot and finely chopped green onion. 

To be truthful, it wasn't just Sake that I used.  As we drive through Cairns we always stop at 'Uncle Dan's' where the wine choice is far superior to anything in Mission Beach.  I bought what I thought was just Sake, but is actually 'Shiro No Takumi' - Japanese Rice Shochu which is a spirit filtered in bamboo charcoal - 25% Alcohol I hesitate to add.   Beautiful clean flavor just like a really good expensive Sake!

Then I set the table.

I then pan fried the scallops in a few drops of sesame oil and some olive oil.  While they were frying I wiped the shells and arranged on a platter.  I turned the Scallops after about a minute and sprinkled with freshly cracked black pepper.  After another minute I removed from the heat and arranged on the shells, spooned over the dressing, and served - with a glass of the Shochu over ice with a dash of freshly squeezed lime.  Absolutely delicious.

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