Monday, December 5, 2011

I Heart Hudson Meats

Hudson Meats are fabulous.   Either Lane Cove or Cammeray.   We have never been disappointed in their meat.  We bought these Grass Fed Sirloin steaks at the Cammeray store on Saturday.  I insisted on big fat steaks and the butcher called me over to ask if I really would eat a steak that big - to which I replied "even if I don't, they cook better when they are that size".  Apparently I made his day.    Some time later I went back to get a bottle of chilled sparkling mineral water which no-one else had, and he insisted I not pay because I had bought 'those' steaks.
They were absolutely delicious by the way.  Tender, rare, tasty - the real deal.  They were NOT cheap, but worth every penny.