Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ristorante Fellini, Gold Coast, QLD

Birthday dinner with friends Saturday night at Fellini at Marina Mirage.  We refer to this restaurant as our 'canteen' because we go there so often.  It didn't disappoint last night.  On arrival at 7.30 pm we were surprised to see that the place was really packed.  Well deserved. 

Large menu, always with seasonal specials, so hard to choose.   Chef Richard Burt and pasta maker Raffaele Di Benetetto know what they are doing!  Below is an example of their menu, but their current one is not available on line.

So we ordered the important stuff first!

To start, we ordered two Field Mushrooms stuffed with cheese and parsley, mussels in a tomato based sauce and as usual, I ordered the Whitebait Fritters.  We had a very cheeky waiter (too cheeky in my opinion) who offended one of our guests by correcting her pronunciation - TWICE!   However, the general consensus on the food was - all delicious.

For mains we chose a Ravioli with Spanner Crab with a cream, tomato and prawn sauce, Snapper with Fennel and Beans, Rollato di Vitello al Funghi - veal tenderloin rolled in sauteed wild mushrooms, wrapped in Pancetta with wilted  Spinach and a Truffle infused Cream (the standout) - and for me Chargrilled SA Coorong Beef Tenderloin on a potato mash with green asparagus and pink peppercorn infused reduction .  My beef was perfectly cooked (rare), but I was a bit disappointed in my selection - I thought it came sliced and had a different dish in my head.   But the food was lovely.

Of course, we had to have a side dish of Potatoes roasted in Duck Fat - wonderfully low calorie,

and a Rocket and Pear Salad - even though a green salad came with the mains.

We finished with two desserts to share.  Mixed gelato and a Crepe with Banana which description doesn't do it justice, I wish I had the menu to describe better.  Both delicious.

Our 'cheeky' waiter insisted on kissing us goodnight - insisting on BOTH cheeks!  In all fairness, he was egged on, and his service was very efficient (see, I wasn't too hard on him!).    Not cheap, but highly recommended.  I think I've just been there too often.


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