Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Finally got to Porteno in Cleveland Street, Surry Hills.  Thought all the hype might be over and we would be able to get a table (no bookings).  Our friends arrived at 6.00 pm having had inside info, and we arrived at 6.30 pm and they were almost at the door - queuing on a cold winters' night.

The first sitting had gone, so we were offered a drink in one of the huge bar areas, but a table could not be possible until at least 9 pm by which time the best BBQ meat would be gone.

We sat at a very pleasant banquette with probably 100 others and did order some delicious nibblies - convinced we wouldn't last till 9 pm.  One standout was their meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce.

We finally got a table around 9.15 pm (and there were quite a few empty tables hmmmmm), and ordered way too much food to share.   And there was no BBQ meat left.

Not impressed with the food, and must say I wouldn't rush back.


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