Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jaspers Restaurant

Had a birthday dinner for a good friend last night at Jaspers in Hunters Hill.

Long time since I've been there.  Because we were 8, we had the small dining room at the front on the left.   Started with steamed prawn dumplings with a crustacean oil.  I think they would have been better with a dash of light soy sauce - just looked a little dry sitting on the plate.  Then had the Sirloin which was served perfectly cooked medium rare and sliced.    The side dish of very garlic mashed potatoes was to die for.   The chef Shane Watson is good.  But the thing that will stop me from returning was the maitre d' - who I nicknamed 'The Dragon Lady'.  Very uptight, verging on rude.   Can't really criticise her service, but very brisk and gave us the distinct message that she wanted us to hurry up and leave - to the point of collecting the dessert dishes way too quickly before everyone had finished picking.

Shame.  She probably owns the restaurant!


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