Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ms. G's - Victoria Street, Potts Point

Been meaning to try Ms G's since it opened.  Am a big fan of Dan Hong's and Jowett Yu's food, especially when they were at Lotus (another Hemmes restaurant).    Dan is Vietnamese and Jowett is Taiwanese - so looking forward to this combination. 
Spur of the moment dinner last night with our son, who suggested we try it.  Good one!  Busy Thursday night, and parking around there is really difficult, so two of us headed inside expecting to queue while a car park was found.  Our name was taken, and we were directed to the bar upstairs whilst awaiting our third party.  As soon as Hal had parked and arrived, he was taken to the table, and the very efficient young Maitre D' came to collect us and our drinks, and took us to the table.  Very impressive for her to remember who 'Di' was amongst some ten groups at the bar!
This place has been through many incantations, and I love the old worlde rustic Vietnamese feel of the decor.

The staff here are amazing.  Extremely efficient, constantly roaming the room with eyes wide open, filling water glasses, removing empty plates, anticipating your wishes!  Very impressive.

We didn't want a huge meal so ordered the Mini Banh Mi-Crisp Pork Belly (mini bread rolls with
chicken liver parfait, twice-cooked pork belly and pickled veggies, dribbling with Sriracha chilli mayonnaise).  Really delicious and the perfect size.  No wonder these are so popular in Vietnam.
Then Prawn Toast (Yuzu Aioli, Herbs).  Crisp fried bread with a heap of Prawn Mouse covered with Uyzu Aioli.  Again, delicious and tasty.  Way too much Vietnamese Mint for me - it has that particularly strong flavour and I just am not a big fan.  A little goes a long way.   Unlike Thai Basil which I really love.
We then tried the Salad of Grilled Calamari, Crispy Pork Belly, Bacon Chilli Jam.  Not my favourite - the calamari a little tough although it looked great - all criss crossed.  The Pork Belly was very good.  Sorry - no pic of this dish.

Then Nigel's famous Wok Fried Lamb Noodles.  Lovely flat rice noodles and very tasty, but the lamb was so tough you couldn't bite it.
Then the Braised Wagyu Beef Shin 'Pho Style', Konnyaku Noodles, Thai Basil, Aromatic Beef Broth.
This was the standout. The beef melted in your mouth (perfect after the lamb), and the broth was so spicy and tasty. 
And lastly the Grilled King Prawns with 'Sambal Matah' Eschallot, Lime & Chilli Relish.  These huge prawns came with lettuce leaves for wrapping with a dash of the Sambal, but again, too much Vietnamese Mint.  I was able to rummage through the leaves and find plain old mint leaves where were the perfect addition.
Very trendy, very noisy, but quick and efficient service.    I just can't lose the memory of the too strong taste of the Vietnamese Mint.  Hopefully it's seasonal, and won't be around if I visit again!

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