Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

 While I'm in the mood, I should mention another new eatery that recently opened - The Morrison.
On the sight of the former Brooklyn Hotel on the corner of George and Bridge Streets, and again a short walk from home -
(thanks for the photos Simon Food Favourites),  Head chef Sean Connolly (ex Astral and Sean's Kitchen)
and chefs Oliver Carruthers (ex Bambini Trust) and Michael Robinson (ex Quarter Twenty One) have teamed up to celebrate quality ingredients, cooked simply.  The Oyster Bar offers over 30 Australian varieties delivered fresh daily from the growers, together with organic produce and free range grain fed beef.  There's the Oyster Room, the Parlour and the Conservatory (open air terrace) so lots of areas to explore.

Once again we were on our way home from a city appointment, and having read great reviews, we decided to drop in to try it out.  Never did make it past the main dining area, but would have liked to have seen the Conservatory.  We did ask a waiter what was behind the doors, but he said 'just a bar' - being The Parlour.  What about the Conservatory?
We sat by the window overlooking all the workers heading out of the city.  The wine list is printed 'newspaper style'.
 There was a big crowd, growing every minute.  Lots of groups meeting for a drink after work, then moving on to dinner.  So the kitchen was busy.
We couldn't resist the Chicken Lollipops (Southern Fried Chicken, Chili & Molasses Dip) - really lovely, the Molasses Dip addictive.  
We also had the Crab & Lettuce Tacos (Chardonnay Vinaigrette, Salmon Caviar) - again, light and delicious.
Hal ordered the Dry Aged Hamburger (Brioche Bun, House Pickles, Chipotle Mayo, Duck Fat Chips),
and I had the My Diane (60 second seared Beef Tenderloin, Yorkshire Relish Spiced Gravy) which was good, but not traditional and a bit too sweet. 

We couldn't resist a side of Grandma's Carrots which were served chunky and soft but just like Grandma would serve!   Need I mention the thrice cooked Duck Fat Chips?

Good food, nice ambience, efficient service.


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