Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another amazing meal at The Bazaar

This is our third visit to The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel on La Cienega in Beverly Hills, described as a Spanish Tapas Bar.   Very very busy on this Saturday night full of beautiful people and bachelorette parties.  Remind me not to go on a Saturday night again.

Designed by Phillipe Starck, it is truly unique - each eating area different to the other, complete with a Patisserie and shop.
Amazing bathroom, complete with someone to squirt soap on your hands, turn on your tap and hand you a towel.
Chef Jose Andres has been named one of Time Magazines Time 100 and has oodles of other awards.  As I have blogged about this restaurant before, I have also previously gone into a lot of detail  about Jose.  Amazing food, really really clever.
We sat in the Rojo Dining Room with a fabulous view of the very busy kitchen.  Not a fan of seats without a back though.
Obviously we started with a very Dirty Belvedere Martini.  Andy ordered the SLS Ultimate Gin and Tonic with Sapphire Gin.  I think he won.  The Lemon Verbena leaf (which had us all guessing) and the Rose Bud made it really special.
We then devoured the following:

Olives Modern and Traditional.   Modern are liquid olives that just burst in your mouth.  Traditional are stuffed with Anchovies and Pimento.
Jamones Y Embutidos PlatterSelection of 3 - Jamon Serrano Fermin (Dry cured Ham); Jamon Iberico Fermin (Dry Cured Free Range Iberico Ham); Jamon Iberico de Bellota Fermin (Acorn fed, free rage Iberico Ham).  My favourite - the Jamon Serrano Fermin, soft and tasty.
Served with Catalian Style Toasted Bread, Tomato.  Love these.

Croquetasde Pollo (Chicken Bechamel Fritters).  Interesting.
 Not Your Everyday Caprese (Cherry Tomatoes, Liquid Mozzarella).  Very clever and wonderful Basil taste.
Tuna Ceviche and Avocado Roll (Jicama, Micro Cilantro, Coconut).  Fresh and delicious, even though I don't like Avocado.
 Smoked Yellowtail and Crispy Rice (Yoghurt, Grapes, Capers, Radish).  Really lovely, the rice like little crisp pappadams.
 Ottoman Carrot Fritters (Apricots, Pistachio Sauce).  These were really lovely.
Rossejat (Paella Style Pasta, Shrimp).  The pasta was crispy and very tasty, the shrimp really fresh and just cooked to perfection.
 Papas Canarias (Salty Wrinkled Potatoes, Mojo Verde).  Not mad on these, even though they are potato!

 Boneless Mary's Farm Chicken Wings (Honey Dates, Mustard Caviar, Mustard Greens).  Clever.
"Philly Cheesesteak" (Air bread, cheddar, Wagyu Beef).  Love these - the air bread just that and the steak melts in your mouth.
 Organised Caesar (Quail Egg, Parmesan).  Tastes just like a Caesar should.  Prefer the one without the egg, although they're both good.
"Hilly Cheesesteak" (Air Bread, Cheddar, Mushrooms).  The vegetarian option - not as good as the Philly in my opinion, but pretty damn good.
Quesos with Quince Jam, Almond: Selection of Three - Manchego 'Pasamontes' Sheep (Firm, piquant and buttery, DO Manchego); Valdeon/Cow and Goat (Creamy, Sharp Blue, DO Valdeon); Idiazabal/Sheep (Firm, sharp and wood smoked, DO Idiazabal).  Not sure why we bothered, but the cheeses were amazing.
Nitro Coconut Floating Island (Passion Fruit and Vanilla).  Extraordinary!

An amazing experience, extraordinary decor, incredible food.  Even though this was our third visit, we managed to experience dishes we'd never had before. The service was a little patchy - especially the drinks - but nevertheless I couldn't mark it down.

10/10 and highly recommended.  Just not on a Saturday night.

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