Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday Lunch at Neild Avenue

 Been wanting to try this restaurant for ages, so spur of the moment and in the area, decided to give it a go.  Very busy even for a late lunch, so we were offered a seat at the bar.  Fine with us, keep our eye on the busy bar staff.   I must admit that after a short time it was a bit uncomfortable balancing on these wobbly backless stools. But I  do like the decor - especially for such a huge warehouse space (200 seats) that used to be a tyre factory.
We've been to one of Maurice's Terzini's restaurants three weeks in a row, something we told him when he approached us.  He was literally speeding!  His Head Chef, Robert Marchetti and he are definitely on a roll.
Really don't like the  Kirrily Johnson's uniforms at all.  Very daggy.  And Maurice looks likes he's slept in his.

I can't say I'm a fan of Mediterranean food, but - knowing these guys...!

The service was very efficient.  We were offered water, wine and given the most delicious barbequed flat bread I have ever tasted. 
We then shared the Cauliflower Fritters with Chilli, Parsley, Garlic on Cumin and Yoghurt Sauce.  Really light and lovely flavours - bit like popcorn Cauliflower.   Forgot to get a photo of this dish though.

I had to try a Kebab from the Coal Spit.  The barbeque smell was amazing, and the flash of fire from the kitchen was irresistible.  These are described as "all hand-minced kebabs, served with Afghan flat bread, Cracked Wheat and Bell Pepper Paste, Grilled Green Chilli, Sumac Onion Salad and Hung Yoghurt".   So I ordered the Minced Veal, Lamb, Chilli Spices Kebab.  Very nice - not too much.
Hal couldn't resist the Half Free Range Crispy Duck, Aylesbury Cross Pekin Dutton Park, Young, NSW, marinated in Roasted All Spice, Cinnamon, Star Anise.
It was delicious - tender and juicy with a very crisp skin. I'm just not a big fan of Star Anise, and it really stood out for me.  But Hal just loved the dish.
We had to have the Fries, of course.  But they were a little disappointing - overfried -  and lost their heat too quickly.
We also ordered the Any Village Salad, Pearl Onions, Sun Dried Olives, Tomato, Cucumber, Fennel, Green Peppers, Barrel-aged Feta, Dried Oregano and Fresh Dill.  But someone forgot the Pearl Onions, which was the main reason I ordered this.  And the Feta was pretty full on.
Nice lunch.  Don't think I would rush back.




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