Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mao's Kitchen on Melrose

We do miss the fabulous Asian food we get in Australia, so we can't resist trying any Asian restaurant that looks interesting.  In our travels yesterday which took us near Melrose, we had lunch at Mao's Kitchen.  We had passed the restaurant before, and the name and look of the place was full of promise.
Very trendy interior in a cool downplayed way, full of propaganda posters, polished concrete and timber banquettes, and also an outdoor eating area which does look out on to the car park.  The menu lists dishes like Countryside Commune Eggs, Long March Camp Fry, Shao Mountain Lamb, Mao's Hometown, and a One Dollar Salad (literally).  Service was a little slow, but the Pork Dumplings were worth waiting for. The Black Vinegar dipping sauce was lovely.
We then ordered the Nightmarket Noodles with sliced Pork.  I didn't realise they were served cold, but they came with Chillies, Spring Onions, thick Soy Bean Chilli Sauce and Sesame Seeds on the side for you to add as you wish.  We added the lot, and also added the left over Black Vinegar Sauce from the dumplings to add more flavour as they were a bit bland.  Not bad, but would have preferred hot noodles.

We also ordered the MaPo Tofu (AKA Grandma's Bean Curd), which was deliciously spicy hot and salty - very enjoyable.
I didn't realise they deliver.  I would jump at this and try every dumpling they have.  The Chow Mein and the Chicken in Lettuce Cups looked good too.  Quite cheap - $38 total. 


Since that visit, we got a whole lot home delivered.  Very disappointing and the order was wrong.   Re marked


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