Friday, October 28, 2011

Lunch at RockSugar

Went shopping at Westfield Century City, and saw this amazing looking restaurant called RockSugar.
Created by restauranteur David Overton and Singapore raised New York trained Chef Mohan Ismail, the food is described as Pan Asian - Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and India.  Just my kind of restaurant - there was no way we were walking past - and it was lunchtime.

The decor, from the entrance to inside the restaurant, was fabulously over the top.

On arrival we were offered a hot towel, and a bowl of crackers and a spicy salsa dip.  Clever.
 We ordered Potstickers, of course, (Chicken, Shiitake Mushrooms, Green Onions and Citrus-Soy Sauce) and the Popcorn Shrimp.  Both really delicious.  The shrimp came with the 'Chef's' Plum Sauce which the waiter poured over the top.  We were a bit worried as plum sauce is very sweet - but it was lovely.
Then we ordered Ginger Fried Rice (Chinese Sausage, Leeks, Egg, Sesame and Crispy Garlic) which came with an egg on top which the waiter broke up for us.  I thought it was delicious, but the others thought it was way too gingery.  That made the difference for me. 
We also ordered the Basil, Cashew, Chicken - which was delicious,  and very spicy.
We also ordered the Thai Noodles with Vegetables, which was also spicy, but delicious.

All in all a lovely lunch.  Should give extra points, because the overly polite waiter kept calling me 'Miss'!


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